About Gather

elevating women's health through community

We believe a curious community is the key to creating a healthier, more holistic standard of living. Our goal is to foster such a community through content and partnerships that support women (inclusively defined*) on their journey to optimal health.

Millions of individuals are left in the dark when it comes to their own bodies. Clinical settings can be intimidating and many feel ill-prepared to advocate for themselves. Although the internet has numerous resources, it's tough to find a relatable and safe space online where people can learn more about health conditions, resources, and policies that uniquely affect them. And this sense of disconnection to information and community can often lead to isolation, further exaggerating the shame and fear around an already painful experience.

We want to support women by creating an approachable, relatable community that brings individuals out of fear and isolation to better educate and support themselves and develop the tools they need to advocate for their own health.

Interested in how we got started? Read our founder's story here. 

Want to get involved? Email us at hello@gatherforwomen.com

*Gather is a space for anyone interested in advancing women's health. Even if you don't identify as a "woman" - you are welcome! If there are ways our community can be more inclusive, please let us know. Cultures and language are constantly evolving, and we want to be an advocate in supporting an inclusive society.