What is self-compassion actually doing to your brain?

On a Monday evening at the Center for Self Compassion in San Francisco, I sat in a circle with six women and practiced putting my hand on my heart. A leader with a calm, steady voice guided us through the exercise, called Compassionate Touch, which involved closing my eyes, putting my hand on my heart, and saying a kind phrase to myself. She encouraged us to think about what our best friend might say to us in a hard time, something like, “This is a hard time, and you're doing your best.”

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Mental HealthRachel Katz
Getting to know a new normal

I guess she's not really new, this new normal. She's been hanging around for a while but made a poor first impression on me. And you know, first impressions are everything when making friends. There's just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Like how she'll smile at you and make you feel significant, then when one thing doesn't go the way she isn't the least bit shy about making your life a living hell for a few days - or weeks.

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