A letter to my husband

Writing comes easy to me but your love is difficult to put into words. It's depth feels so endless, my mind can't even process all of it. Life with chronic pain is difficult, and caring for someone in pain isn’t any easier. It may not seem like it all the time, but I see you. It may not look like it all the time, but I do feel you. Of all things that constantly fail me your love isn't one. Sitting by my side through long appointments, adjusting your schedule to make mine easier, sacrificing your free time so I can go do something that I enjoy - it has all become routine for you, but it never goes unnoticed by me. When the world feels harsh and I think I'm alone, you are living proof that I am not. You pick up more hours at work then come home to cook and clean on rough days. You never doubt me, you hear me, you hold me, and you always find a way to keep me smiling. When I have nothing left to give, you advocate for me and make sure that hope stays a theme in our life.

Most importantly, you love me when I can't love myself. You may be healthy, but you're running through batteries like the energizer bunny. Finding time for yourself and the things you enjoy all while being my crutch - you really are superman. Neither of us saw this coming, but you have been right there by my side since day one. Thank you for being all in on this difficult journey. The only easy part for me has been loving you.


Your wife (who thanks to you, knows she is so much more than her pain)

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