Yoga poses that help with your PMS


The luteal phase has arrived, and along with it comes the cravings, fatigue, nausea and the Almighty Queen of Menstrual Symptoms - cramps.

Menstrual pain (also known as dysmenorrhea) affects approximately 84% of women. They can be distracting at best and render you completely immobile at worst. Although women have turned to birth control, medicine and diet changes to avoid painful menstruation, some doctors will suggest physical movement as a way to ease menstrual cramps. However, if you’re feeling a walk or run is beyond what you can handle, we have a few yoga moves that you can do in your house - no active cardio needed.

Yoga has long been a practice to ease stress, get centered, and generally get back to your heart center. But, what’s also great about yoga is that it’s often used as a way to "massage" your insides. And when you feel like someone has literally reached inside you and is squeezing all that is righteous within your body - girl, you need this internal massage routine.

In this post, we’re partnering with Rebecca, friend and Indianapolis-based yoga instructor to show us some yoga poses you can do to relieve the pain.