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Please read submission guidelines below and email all submissions to  

Interested in sharing your story? Here’s what we’d love to see! (And continue to check back, as we’ll keep adding to this list.)

1. Personal stories. This is why we're here! We are looking for personal narratives from women in our community. Topics can range from awkward sex mishaps to how you stay positive while living with a chronic illness. We want to know your story and be able to share your insight and experience with our readers so they can feel informed, inspired and connected. 

2. Burning health questions. Spinning round and round on a particular question? Not sure where to go with it? Email us and we'll dig in! (Although we cannot give direct medical advice, we'll explore topics with health experts in our network.)

3. Instagram. We want to see your artwork and photography! Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #gatherforwomen. We're looking for how you interpret your health journey through your art. We'll select a few to highlight on a section of our site, coming soon.

4. Partnership opportunities. We're looking for nonprofit organizations, health experts, medical professionals and more who are passionate about getting more information out to women in our community. We will also be building out a partnership section of our site that serves as a resource directory. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please email us!

5. Photographers/illustrators: We are looking for artists to collaborate with on some upcoming stories and reports. If you have some work related to women's health and bodies, feel free to send us an email with Pretty Things in the subject line.

General submissions guidelines:

We’d love to hear from you—and check out your writing and artwork! Please read the details below for any submissions.

How do I submit written work to Gather?
Please send a complete draft accompanied by an introduction to the piece. Your email should include a brief, clear, specific summary of your main idea. Ideally, your submission will give us a solid understanding of why your work + Gather = a perfect match.

Include your full draft below your intro, attach it as a document, or provide a link to a viewable Google doc.

What kinds of written pieces do you accept?
We accept all kinds of writing—personal narratives, Q&A's, investigative pieces, poetry, etc. The most important thing is that if it is a piece focusing on particular medical opinions, it must be backed with credible sources and data. 

Note: Please review the site to get a sense of what kind of content we publish. 

How long should my draft be?
It varies from piece to piece—what’s most important is that we receive a draft of your work.

Can I pitch an interview with someone or do other reportage for Gather?
Sure! If you're still noodling on an idea, feel free to shoot us an email alongside previous written work you've done, and we'll come up with something amazing!

What happens if my written submission is accepted?
After submission, we'll work together to make your piece fabulous. Every written piece on Gather goes through at least one round of edits, so we expect to work collaboratively through that process.

Most of our editorial calendar is planned well in advance of when pieces are published, so there’s a chance it will still take quite some time to receive edits—feel free to follow up if we accept something and you haven’t heard back after two weeks!

How do I submit visual work to Gather?

Photo sets, illustrations, illustration and collage sets, and comics: Send us a description of the post you have in mind and a selection of sample illustrations/photos/what have you that are representative of the whole project (small, web-friendly files, please). Feel free to also include any links to your visual artwork/portfolio. Please don’t use file-sharing services with links that might expire or that require us downloading your work in order to view it.

Do you pay contributors?
Although we value the hard work of writers and creators, right now we are purely grassroots driven - aka we have no money coming in or out. We hope to someday build Gather so that we can support writers more directly, but for now, we're looking for passionate individuals who want to volunteer to support our mission.


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